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For “idea” the Bogas mean their Idea that is represented, in many ways, as a fundamental element of the Living in every single moment. The Boga “thinking” is the merge of common ideas thought at the same time. The main concept of “thinking Boga” is the unity of the transcendent shapes, colors, content, in daily life, religions and forms, with which they get into a relationship with earthly things and also, and above all, with the divine (v. “Contasecoli”). Transcendent unity means that God gave Faith, Life, Work and Family to humanity and also to Boga creation. This is the Weltanschauung of Boga philosophy.

Overcoming conceptual painting, sculpture and art as exclusively technical movements, visible, tangible, but often not understood straightaway.

During the great Masters time there was the idea, the sketch and the finishing, not humble, but vice versa expression of great genius in Crafts and Craftsmanship. The last age (II and III millennium) is the confusion, the Chaos, utility in society, increasingly unnecessary, and consequently also the age of the confusion of religions, cults and sects, in which the irrational (technical movements, instinctive) tends to undermine the rational, that is the thought.

 The contemporary expansion process and religious merging are nothing but the natural effect of regression and decadence. In this way every time and every space are distinguished from any other for its quality, its direction and its orientation, making it the best suitable place for certain acts and certain actions and not for others of any nature. There is an inviolable time and there is an inviolable geography. The consequence of this is that a religion has a pre-fixed time from the beginning and a space of predetermined spread with equal need. This also means that the invasion of some religion and of pseudo-art in time and space of their other religious forms have anti-traditional characters, leading to an inevitable counterfeiting and adulteration of themselves, which invade the historical, cultural, political and geographic environment.

All of this is the reason of degeneration and proselytism, mimic form and never the result of thought, if not the speculative one, where the ART becomes TRADE. It is understandable why the proselytism is damned by the conservatives, from whatever place it may come.

The proselytism in art, with its currents, found its peak in the second half of the twentieth century, not saying and proposing the Nothing in works, but with the mere dialectic, not always negative, but in the case of ‘ Art in defiance of the most trivial sense that violent people less educated.


The essential components of the artistic manifesto